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Destinasiku Perth : AUSSIE attractions

For this tours we paid AUS140/person. Dalam booklet price stated as AUD215. Few places we will explores in a day. Long way to go. Distance from Perth 550km (return).
At first kami ingatkan this package only for Pinnacles Desert and Sand Boarding tapi termasuk Caversham Wildlife Park, Lobster Shack and Lancelin. The tour handle by Pinnacle Tours.
By 7.30am bus arrived at our place. Meeting point with other guest at Barrack Jetty. While waiting for others to come, jenguk2 kawasan sini. Nama pun Jetty for sure tempat nak naik ferry. Kat sini bole ambil ferry to Rottnest Island.
Nearby ada Bell Tower. Org Perth cakap "They have Big Ben. We have Big Bells" ceh tak nak kalah tu. Nak view city from the sky bole la try. Open daily from 10am. Malaysia pun ada Menara KL heee. Besides that ada tempat popular Love Locks. Berminat? You need to pay AUD25 which include engraving and a beautiful folder for record the date and the moment that we locked our everlasting love. 
8am journey sta…

Destinasiku Perth : Show me Perth

Banyak tempat yang boleh pergi in Perth. Depend on your budget and your stay. Kalau lama sempat la ke sana sini. But for us as usual BUDGET. Just few places je sempat terjah. Since Autumn 1st day arrived raining. So on day one not much activity we can do. It's ok...we already have our own itenary. Hope bole cover everything (eleh macam banyak sgt tempatnya..).
After rest, kuar hostel to survey the places to go and the cost. Nasib baik ada Peterpans same row dgn hostel. Done booking for tomorrow. Eh lupa plak to introduce Peterpans. Local travel agent actually. Pd pendapat kami, tour esk harga murah berbanding dgn info yang dpt. Dapatlah save money. Jimat cermat kan amalan mulia.