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Xplore the heart of JAPAN : YAMAGATA

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Yamagata Prefecture is home to diverse and abundant nature, including mountains, rivers, and the ocean. It is located in the northeastern region of Japan known as Tohoku. It is impossible to adequately describe Yamagata’s appeal in just a few words. Among other things, it home to the snow monsters of Mt. Zao. This is unique natural phenomenon where trees are so covered in snow and ice that they look like surreal beasts sculpted from the snow. Also, famous mountains like Mt. Chokai, Mt. Nishiazuma, and the three sacred mountains of Yamagata known as Dewa Sanzan are also found in Yamagata.
Zao Okama
Zao Okama Crater is a lake created by rainwater built up in a volcanic crater on Mt Zao’s Kattadake peak on the border between Yamaga and Miyagi Perfectures. It is also known as the Goshiki Numa, which means five color marsh, because the color of the water appears to change based on the weather and the angle of sunlight.…