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Show you the real CHINA : Yellow Mountain, Huang Shan

Destinasi terakhir di China. Pilihan yang tepat. Pemandangan secantik lukisan. Tak rugi last minit plan and spend skit duit utk ke sini.

The Yellow Mountains are a marvel: within an area of 154 square kilometres there is a crowd of peaks, 72 of which have names indicating the shapes they resemble. Lotus, Brightness Apex and Celestial Capital are the three major ones, all rising above 1,800 metres. The mountains are a body of granite, often with vertical joints. Erosion and fracture contributed to shape the rocks into huge columns, giving rise to lofty peaks and deep ravines. When it is cloudy the pinnacles loom in mists as if they were illusionary, while the sun is shining they unfold in all their majesty and splendour.
The Yellow Mountains change their colour and appearance with the alternation of seasons. In spring blooming flowers decorate the slopes in a riot of colour and fill the valleys with fragrance; in summer you see verdure peaks rising one upon another and hear springs gur…