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Day 3. we choose to go to Armadale. Why here?? We hope that we can cuddle the Koala.
Tempat ni tkde pun stated in the list places to go. Saje je la nk cuba. Since my friend dah search ever since in malaysia so we just proceed. 
With the little information in hand we the redah geng wake up as early as we can to catch the train. From Perth we need to go to Armadale station which is quite far from here. Sampai je station Armadale. Blur kejap. Sunyi sepi. O maybe awal lagi. people still at home.
Let get some info how to get to Byford. Taxi agak mahal. Kita tunggu bas. 
 ~bole tahan taxi fare~

~uncle you help us a lot. tq~
While waiting for the bus, aktiviti biasa snap...snap...snap...
~malaysian yg bosan tggu bus~
~train yg bwk kami ke sini~
~happy anniversary ~
Dah dapat bus. Dalam 15 min ke Byford. Di sini ada Cohunu Koala Park. See nama je dh menunjukkan an excitement kan. Kena berjalan kaki. Melintas railway. Melintas jalan raya. Segala liku kami redah demi koala. At last sampai jua. En…