Lama dh tak layan wayang. Tkde movie yg tertarik utk gi tgk.

Nasib baiklah ada citer best WAJIB utk gi tgk. Sequel no.2. Layan habis. Berdua dgn hsemate buat peneman gelak bersama...

SHERLOCK HOLMES 2 is back in town. Everything about this movie i like very very very much.

 ~SH 2-A game of shadows~
when a good person fight...

 ~Holmes & Dr Watson~
...the bad person

~Prof Moriaty~

Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey, Jr.) and his longtime trusted associate, Doctor Watson (Jude Law), take on their arch-nemesis, Professor Moriarty (Jared Harris), with the help of Holmes's older brother Mycroft Holmes (Stephen Fry) and a gypsy named Sim (Noomi Rapace). 
With Dr. John Watson about to marry and end their partnership, a disconsolate Sherlock Holmes occupies his time investigating the schemes of his archenemy, Professor James Moriarty. However, when Moriarty warns that he considers the Watsons a legitimate target for his retaliation against the detective, Holmes must save them and get John involved in one last case. To do so, they join the Roma lady Madam Simza Heron's quest to find her missing brother, Renee, who may be the key to defeating Moriarty. Together, the trio find themselves involved in a dangerous international conspiracy led by the Napoleon of Crime in which the fate of all of Europe hangs in the balance


MUST watch! Hope a 3rd sequel mcm Harry Potter :)


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