3 hr yg lps aku terdengar psl projek ni di radio IKIM. Dgr separuh je part yg last. Teruja. Sesuatu yg aku nk buat lama dah. Tp masa belum mengizinkan. So apa kata aku share dgn kengkawan yg punya minat yg sama. Reading is my hobby. I loves books. Marilah sama2 kita menuju ke Destinasi yg pasti menjanjikan ganjaran pahala.

Petikan ini aku copy dr website Islamic Relief Malaysia. Selain local project ni ada projek lain yg korang boleh bantu. Jadi pd yg berminat boleh lah layari http://www.irm.org.my/portal


“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”—Chinese proverb

Reflecting the proverbs above, in the context of orphanages in Malaysia, it’s appalling to see orphans to grow up without having access to books or perhaps good and new books. Even though there are books available in some orphanages, yet mostly are worn-out donated books and sometimes are not suitable as reading materials for the children. Just imagine how thoughtful we are by donating a Company Annual Financial Reports to be read by a child! (It’s a true story!)

Therefore, Islamic Relief Malaysia is proposing a project to install 1 library for 1 orphanage with a collection of 1000 books each in Malaysia to address this important issue.

These orphanage libraries are to be filled with at least 1000 new books and a set of encyclopedia. Islamic Relief Malaysia will purchase the books at discounted rates directly from the local publishers.

We believe by having a ‘good’ books available for the orphans, it will helps to encourage them with independent learning skills, instill in their mind with intellectual curiosity, and develop a lifelong passion for reading.

It is our hope and dream that all orphanages in Malaysia will have their own library in the near future!


We have successfully install a library of books at Yayasan An-Nur Maisarah,Chemor,Perak in September 2008.

Current Projects

We are currently raising funds to install libraries at the following orphanages:

1. Bait Al Amin Orphanage, Parit, Perak
2. Darus Salam Orphanage,Tambun,Perak
3. A multi-faith orphanage in Perak ( yet to identified)

If you share our belief in making change in their life, please consider helping by donating generously for Islamic Relief Malaysia’s Orphanage Library Project.


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